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Hi! My name is Jessica Simmons! Baking is a passion of mine! I have been playing around with cakes and cupcakes for a while now and blog about my crazy cupcake journey! I hope you enjoy the blog! I do not take orders. Please remember that all photos presented here are copyrighted by Jessica Simmons with all rights reserved. Thanks!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Kelsey's Friday Fun Snack

Ok so about twice a year I have to send in a special snack for my daughter's 3rd grade class. So I was feeling a little creative last night and was up super late making these festive Halloween cupcakes! I took them to her class this morning and they were a big hit! Special shout out to my daughter Kelsey A. and her little friend Kelsey W. who said I was beautiful and the rest of Mrs. Gould's 3rd grade class!! Hope you enjoy! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 18th is National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

So I was on Cupcakes Take the Cake blog and I saw that October 18th is National Chocolate Cupcake Day. Well it put me in the mood to try out a new chocolate icing! These are devils food cake with chocolate ceam cheese icing....yes I just said chocolate ceam cheese icing! It's so good! Topped with what else? Chocolate Chips!!! Can you say YUMMMMM?!!
I was about to eat this great looking/tasting cupcake but I had to take a picture of it first! How are you going to celebrate National Chocolate Cupcake Day?????

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Shower/Bachelorette Party/Wedding..etc

These cute little cupcakes can be used for a number of occasions! Of course colors can always be custom to your event! These are hot pink/black and white.  My camera kinda makes some of them red looking though! Hope you like!

Halloween Cupcakes!

Ok so I finally decided to put my halloween toppers to use and I made a few more Halloween cupcakes too!

Tie Dye!

Here are some of my latest creations for all you hippies at heart!

Batter up!

Baked up nice! Look pretty without icing too!

  I love the inside!!
Topped with white buttercream and multi colored sprinkles