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Hi! My name is Jessica Simmons! Baking is a passion of mine! I have been playing around with cakes and cupcakes for a while now and blog about my crazy cupcake journey! I hope you enjoy the blog! I do not take orders. Please remember that all photos presented here are copyrighted by Jessica Simmons with all rights reserved. Thanks!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas!

These were for my kids school Christmas parties! I didnt use fondant but the pics turned out very cute!

Happy 60th Emie!

Check out these cupcakes for my bff's mom's 60th birthday! Red Velvet, Vanilla & Chocolate all with cream cheese icing!!

Howdy Yall!

So I competed my Horse Ranch Party cupcakes this weekend!! I think they turned out good. Chocolate cake with buttercream icing! Yum! Check em out!

Friday, December 10, 2010

New orders!

I have 2 more orders this weekend! A 60th birthday party and a 7 year old's cowgirl party! Pics coming soon!!

Man I have been so busy!!

I havent blogged in a while I have been so busy!!  So last night I made the kids some cupcakes for thier Christmas parties at school today. I went the easy route and didnt use fondant but they turned out really great!! I did chocolate and vanilla cake with buttercream icing! Topped with sprinkles & some cute pics! The kids loved them! They smelled so good this morning. I cant wait to get home and eat my leftovers! haha! Here is a pic I took with my phone but I have more to post soon!