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Hi! My name is Jessica Simmons! Baking is a passion of mine! I have been playing around with cakes and cupcakes for a while now and blog about my crazy cupcake journey! I hope you enjoy the blog! I do not take orders. Please remember that all photos presented here are copyrighted by Jessica Simmons with all rights reserved. Thanks!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Best Friends Lunch!!

So I moved across town to WEMO and my BFF Joanna lives in ESHO and My other BFF Jan lives in NOMO. If you dont know what that means its code talk around here in Mobile for which part of town you live in. WEMO = West Mobile County, ESHO = Eastern Shore or Daphne or you could also say she lives across the bay which isnt Mobile its Baldwin County anyway and NOMO is North Mobile County. Needless to say its hard for all of us to get together because we each have so much going on in our lives! So I decided to have a BFF lunch. Each of our names start with a "J" and back in the day we used to call ourselves the 3 J's. So to keep the theme I added little "J's" to our cupcakes! 3 of course! :)

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